Monday, 29 February 2016

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Holi Celebration In India - Happy Holi 2016

Holi is an Ancient and one of the Very Famous Festival Of India which also Known as Festival Of Colours, Phagwah or Phakuwa, Doḷajatra or Dol Jatra, Basantotsav in Different states of India. The Tradition and celebration is vary from state to state in India. It is celebrated during the the spring when season changes which cause viral fiver. 
Holi Celebration

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Holi Cultural and Rituals

Holi CelebrationJust the day before Holi people start gathering woods for pyre (bonfire) in open area like parks, playground etc. On the top of bonfire is an statue to signify Holika (Holika is the evil aunt of prahlada who tricked prahlada into the bonfire). At Home people stock colors and make different types of festive foods like Gujiya, Malpuas, Dahibada, Mathri and more like this and do party with their friends and family. After the sunset Pyre is fire to signify the Holika dahan. the symbolic show the victory of good on evil. People start gathering around the pyre to party and start sing and dance.

Holi Celebration 

Holi CelebrationHoli Celebration start in morning after the Holika Dahan. This day is for party and enjoyment with friends and family, their is no tradition of puja. Children and young people make a groups with water colors and dry colors, and try to pervade and shower other people and groups with help of pichkaris, Gulaal and balloons filled with water colors and many type of creative things to target others.

Traditional Holi In India

The Playful colors of Holi is also have medicinal significance. They are made of herbs like Kumkum, Haldi, mehendi, Turmeric, Bilva, Indigo, Alma Etc. 


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