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HOLI - "Festival Of Colors"

Holi is the festival of sharing love to others. it is also known as festival of colors and love. it is celebrated at the starting of Spring On the last full moon of the Lunar, Between February and march. It's an ancient festival of Hindus which is very popular in India and now also becoming popular in Non-Hindus and some other parts of the world. Friends as we know "Holi is the festival of Color" all people play Holi with full of fun and Joy. But Do You Know that their is also a very popular and a long story behind Holi. Ya friends and in this post we are going through that story in detail.
Why Is Holi Celebrated
Holi Celebration
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History Of HOLI

The word 'Holi' is Originated from the name Holika. Holika is a Evil Monster and the sister of Demon King "Hiranyakaship". This Festival is origin from the Prahlada-Puri Temple of Multan. Which is originally Build by prahlad the son of Hiranyakaship. 
Lord Narashima
Holika Bonfire
According to The Hindu Purans and Legends The Demon King Hiranyakaship is the king of Multan and earned a Blessing from a God by doing a very long harsh Austerity that nearly immortal. After earning A blessing from god, he started thinking that he was god and start demanding forcefully, everyone in world worship is only for him. But His own Son Prahlad refuse his demand. Hiranyakaship Tried so many ways to Persuade Him But Prahlad remain devoted to god Vishnu. This anger the Hiranyakaship and he decided many very cruel Punishment for Prahlad. But Non of them even touch or affected the prahlad. every time god Vishnu save him. Finally he call holika (Prahlad Evil Aunt) and ask her help to Deal with prahlad. and They make a Plan and try to tricked prahlad into sitting on bonfire with Holika on her palm. Holika wear a Blanket which immune her from fire. The blanket she earned as a  gift from the god by doing a very hard Devotion. But prahlad was not. Holika and the prahlad both move forward to the pyre and sited on it. As the bonfire rumble the blanket flew from the holika and cover the prahlad. prahlad survive and holika got burned. By Watching This Hiranyakaship unable to stop his anger and start Breaking pillars and asking from prahlad that where is your Lord Vishnu, is he in this pillar or on that and again start breaking pillars suddenly Thundering with sound Lord Vishnu appear in the form of Lord Narasimha and Kill the Demon King Hiranyakaship. The Bonfire is the symbolic of the victory of Prahlad over Hiranyakaship, Goods over evils. The Very Next Day When The Bonfire got colder. Everyone their applied the ash of bonfire on their Forehead. Now Day People use color as Bonfire ash.

Holi Festival

Holi is started at evening when people start collecting woods for fire. At Night people fire the pyre (Which is Known as Holika) People Sing, Dance and Do Party. They make many kinds of the festival foods like Gujia, Sweets, mathri, mallpuas etc. at the very next day people start playing with colors. They form group and their intention is to fill other with colors. They use Many Type Of Gradates and item like Pickari, Color Balloons and Toy water gun. whole day they play Holi and at evening they wish each other and Go Out with their Friends and celebrate it by doing party, Dance and Singing songs.
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