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Why Is Holi Celebrated in India?

What is Holi? 

Holi is the festival of colors and love. It is the very Old Hindu Religious Festival which also become very popular with other religions in South Asia. Now this observe that in recent year its also become popular in some parts of North America and Europe.

Why Is Holi Celebrated? History of Holi!

The Word Holi is explaining itself lot's. The "Holi" word is Originated from "Holika". Holika is the sister of 'Hiranyakashipu (The Demon King)'. The festival was started from Temple of Prahlada-Puri of Multan in area of Punjab. The original temple was made by Prahlada, the Son Of Demon King.
HAPPY HOLIHAPPY HOLIAccording to our great cipher, the demon king of Multan was immortal. He grew superior and thought that he was lord and want everyone worship for him only. But Prahlada the son of Hiranyakashipu disagreed and his worship and devotion is only for lord Vishnu. This irritate The Demon king and he decided to give hard and painful punishments to prahlada. But none of that is affected the prahlada, then finally king decided to ask the help from his sister Holika. Holika is the evil aunt of the prahlada trying to cheat him, by sitting on a pyre with him. Holika was covered with a cloak which made her resistant from taking damage from fire whereas prahlada was not. As the pyre fire was zoomed, the cloak flew from Holika and covered the prahlada. Holika Burned on that pyre and prahlada survived. After that Demon King Hiranyakashipu become anger move toward the prahlada, suddenly Lord Vishnu appear and kill Hiranyakashipu. The pyre is the reminder of the success of good on evil. When Fire cooled down, the people appealed ash to their frons. Now day people used color powder to celebrate Holi.

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When Is Holi?

Holi is the very ancient festival of Hindu, mentioned in Puranas and also by kalidash a poet at 4th century. It is celebrated at the end of winter, When The last full moon day, the month of Phalgun(Purnima). Which is Usually Fall On March. So celebrate this festival with full happiness.

In 2015 - Friday         March 06th
In 2016 - Wednesday March 23rd
In 2017 - Monday       March 13th
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